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[20.02.2018] Changelog

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- Separate Combo Server, it is now possible to opt for the game method.
- Update on the server protection system.
- Updates and internal optimizations.
- Activation of the Castle Deep event
- Activation of the Gaion event
- Activation of the Double Goer event
- New Lorencia, cleaner and npcs readjusted.
- Removed daily and weekly resets limit.
- Withdrawn commission charged for in-game sales (Store).
- No timeout for Off Store. (Only Off Attack has limit).
- Store system only in Loren Market.
- Map of Combo does not have spots.
- Newbie Kit System for new players.

Rubies System:
- Rubie Of Skill no longer exists in the game
- Rubie Of Luck can now be applied on older items
- Rubie Excellent 1 ~ 3 can be docked on old items.
- Ruby Excellent +5 and +6 only in Chaos Cards and conversion (/ convert).
- Rubies Socket can now evolve up to 5 slots. (+4 and +5 only per conversion / shop (x).

VIP system:

* Ps: Values per VIP level (Free / Silver / Gold / Diamond)

- Increase in Off Attack time:
- Vip Silver can now also reset to the same place, but you can not use the / auto reset command.
- Off Attack System: 3H / 6H / 12H / 24H
- Event Limit: 4x / 5x / 6x / 8x (BC, DS, CC, DG, IT)


Ps: In the next update we will bring even more news and will be given the start for EASTER events!

Maintenance will last for a few minutes, however you will need to download updates through the Launcher.

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